Artist Statement

Robert Farber: Artist Statement

This recent body of work was created in response to a daily, twenty-two mile commute to/from the Ogeeche River, Brooklet, GA and Statesboro, Georgia.

In essence, the work attempts to make the unrecognized; visible.

The Route(s):

Old Flat Forjd Rd. • 119S • 80W


Old River Rd. S. • 24W

The work reflects a fascination with the discovery and exploration of the unfamiliar and the unique encounter that occurs between person and place when inserted into an unfamiliar landscape.

A Note on Process:

The work is a reflection of my practice that involves the research and collection of images and information that pique my interest either conceptually or visually. The digital images were captured with a IPhone 5S from a moving vehicle traveling at speeds of approximately 35-65mph. The images were not composed through the viewfinder, but captured at arm’s length through the passenger or drivers’ side windows or front windshield. It is not the type of distracted driving I would recommend, however I wanted to accurately depict images reflective of riding in or driving a moving vehicle.